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Course Description:


TECH 621: Research Focus: The Social Internet


Social media such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. are technologies capable of effecting radical change in several aspects of society.


  • Do they empower individuals?
  • Do they lower productivity?
  • Are they threats to privacy and security?
  • What are the implications of such questions for interface design?


TECH 621 simulates an interdisciplinary think tank environment where students identify research questions and examine the impact of social media and social networking technologies on various aspects of society, business, culture, communication, web experience, and interface design. 


The course integrates immersion in social media with consideration of several theoretical perspectives from diverse fields. Students complete an original research project customized to fit individual or team interests. The course encourages theoretical and methodological diversity.


Upon completing the course, students will be able to offer research-based recommendations for the optimal use of social media technologies in a specific context of their choice.


TECH 621 is a graduate seminar offered through the College of Technology at Purdue University.


Course Policies

Assignments & Grading

Reading List & Schedule

Instructor Information



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Scott Schroeder

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Social immersion is great. Stephen Woodall

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Scott Kerlin read this

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