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SM immersion grading rubric

Page history last edited by Mihaela Vorvoreanu 11 years ago

SM immersion =

  1. keeping up with your social media habits


  2. trying out as many social media tools/services as you come across, sharing them on Twitter, blogging about them


Please contribute criteria that I should consider when assessing SM immersion. What are some characteristics of excellent, average, below average SM immersion? Right click to add more rows if you need to. I'll finalize the grading rubric based on your input.


Needs Improvement Meets Expectations Exceptional
1. SM Habits      

Twitter (meaningful daily use, builds up network outside class)


Blog comments (at least 2 comments/week)


RSS feeds (follows at least 10 blogs; keeps up to date, shares links on Twitter)


2. SM Exploration


Discovers SM tools/services & shares info on Twitter


Signs up for SM tools/services & tries them out


Reviews SM tools/services on blog



Comments (3)

Scott Schroeder said

at 4:49 pm on Sep 8, 2009

I can see the power of twitter if you have a phone that can do it. If you are tied to a computer, twitter is still useful but not as much as in the world.

abranum@... said

at 10:29 am on Sep 9, 2009

When we go over how to actively seek the ppl we want to follow us, being able to do this could be added to the rubric

Jenny Smock said

at 2:09 pm on Sep 9, 2009


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