Assignments and Grading

I'm doing my best to summarize what we talked about in class. If I forgot something, please feel free to add in text or comment at the bottom of the page:


Course grading scale:




90-100 A

80-89 B

70-79 C

60-69 D

0-59 F


> SM immersion: 20% - grading rubric


During the course of the semester, we'll try out several social media services & tools, just to get a feel for them & to blog about them. Please inform everyone else when you find a new service, what it is/does, and what your username is, so we can all follow each other. You can use your personal blog or your Ning blog for this.


We will use the following services regularly throughout the semester:


> SM wiki (define, classify + research knowledge base): 20%- grading rubric


We'll work together to create a 2-part wiki:


Part 1: classify available social media tools

Part 2: create a knowledge base of research reports on the impact of social media on culture, society, organizations, work, individuals, etc.


> Personal blog: 20%- grading rubric


Each student will write a personal blog (readable by only class members, or open - your choice). The blog will be professional, which means you'll write about work (and a bit of work-related fun), not your personal life, food and movie reviews (unless they're relevant to your work).


Your blog will have 2 categories of posts:


1. Required topic blog posts:



2. Elective topic blog posts:



Keep the writing simple, concise, clear, and grammatically correct. Remember, this is (part of) your online resume.


> Engagement: 10%- grading rubric



> Final project: 30%- grading rubric


Each student or team of students will negotiate a final project topic, plan, structure, and format with the instructor. Below are the "ingredients" for the final project:


  1. social media tool (pick one)


  2. context of your choice


  3. review of existing research


  4. Research Question


  5. research methods



Steps toward final project:


  1. idea presentation & class feedback
  2. project proposal (1-2 drafts)
  3. review of existing research
  4. draft 1
  5. draft 2


Final project possible formats: